Learn To Cook Indian Food

In the first module Basics of this learn to cook series we were introduced to: basic ingredients, pots and pans, cutting and chopping techniques, then we prepared some simple dal rice,  a potato curry or batata bhujna and a prawn curry or kolambi bhujna.
We did all these things without using that most quintessential Indian cooking technique – a Tadka or Tempering or Phodni.
In this module, we will talk about what exactly is a Tadka, the different techniques of Tadkas, and their uses on a variety of dishes.



Always wanted to cook Indian Food but didn’t know where to start? Well now start from the basics of Indian Cooking starting with the common ingredients to cooking a simple meal from these ingredients and cookware.



Tadka (tempering)

Tadka or tempering is a technique that involves adding spices to hot oil. It is mainly done to extract flavors from whole spices in the oil. Adding a tadka to your dish can be the secret of making the dish from good to perfect. Let’s check the different techniques we can achieve this.

Starting from the simplest form of tadka on a plain yellow dal, live tempering (pali phodni | jivanta phodni) to frying onions and whole spices for a nonveg preparation we will cover all this here.




Eggs are the live savers for a quick meal at any occasion or time. May it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, there is always an egg dish that can satisfy anything you require. 

Here we will check out how we can make use of eggs to make a simple sunny side up or an egg omelet to a more complex egg masala for a yummy lunch or dinner.

egg fry- sunny side up