Learn To Cook #1

Basics of Indian Cooking

Understand the basics of Indian cooking. Know the ingredients, utensils and accessories you will require to get started and learn how to cut common veggies. Get tips on what to do if you are short of something in the kitchen cabinet. Accomplish making the quintessential dal rice, sabji and a prawn curry at the end of this module



Understanding the most basic ingredients is the best place to start your cooking journey. We will see some of the common ingredients required in most Indian Cooking and you will be amazed at what you can do with them.



Pots & Pans

We have covered some basic ingredients in my previous video of the basics series, today let’s look at some basic pots and pans or cookware required for everyday cooking.


Cutting & Chopping

Learn how to cut an onion using various techniques. Know the difference between chopping, dicing, slicing and mincing. Learn how to make carrot juliennes.

Cutting & Chopping


Make Dal & Rice

Dal and rice is a staple food for many people in India. We will be covering ho how to cook simple yellow dal and rice in a pressure cooker and also without one. 
potato bujhne


Potato & Tomato Curry – Batata Bujhne

A very simple Potato & Tomato Curry from the kitchen of Pathare Prabhu cummunity of Mumbai. This curry or Batata Bhujne has three main ingredients and which can be enjoyed with rice, chapati or even bread.


Prwans Curry – Kolambi Bujhne

The final video of the Learn To Cook – Basics series Kolambi Che Bhujne or Simple Prawns curry. This dish requires no complex cooking techniques or requires a lot of time to cook, but that doesn’t compromise the taste of this dish. It goes very well with dal rice or chapati or even bread.

kolambi-cha-bujhne prawns curry