Gajar ka Halwa Recipe | Carrot Halwa with Milk Powder

This Gajar ka Halwa recipe is a delicious Indian dessert made out of carrots, cooked in milk and sugar with a beautiful garnish of dry fruits….



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30 mins

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30 mins

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Gajar ka Halwa Recipe | Carrot Halwa With Milk Powder Recipe

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This is one of the recipes of gajar ka halwa that you can make even when you don't have khoya or mawa which you would normally use. Gajar halwa or carrot halwa is a very popular dessert that is made using fresh grated carrots and milk. This Indian dessert recipe is not only seen in different functions like weddings, its simple procedure makes it a good choice of dessert to be prepared at home too.

In this post I will try to show you how to make gajar ka halwa using milk powder. Traditionally this is made using mawa / khoya / khawa which is made from boiling the milk until it reduces and thickens. Nothing can beat that taste, but as you can imagine this is a long process and requires some time in your hand.

Luckily even if you have limited time, you can still have the joy of preparing this carrot halwa by using ready-made khoya or alternatives like making gajar halwa with condensed milk or even milk powder that is available easily everywhere. In this post, I will be making use of milk powder to make this gajar ka halwa. So without further ado let’s see how to make carrot halwa with milk powder.

About this Recipie

This Gajar ka Halwa recipe is a delicious Indian dessert made out of carrots, cooked in milk and sugar with a beautiful garnish of dry fruits….


  • 500 gms of fresh carrots washed
  • 1 full cup / 300 gms of white sugar
  • 3 tbsp pure ghee – 1 full glass of milk
  • 3 tbsp milk powder
  • dry fruits you like (cashews, almonds,raisins, etc)
  • 1 tsp ground cardamom powder/ elaichi powder
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    Step 1: Start by grating the carrots

  • In a pan, add ghee and let it melt in the heat
  • add grated carrots / gajar and mix well in the ghee
  • add milk in the carrots and mix again
  • mix it well and cover the pan,
  • mix it occasionally opening the pan, and let the carrots cook completely in the milk
  • add a small pinch of salt (optional)
  • Step 2: Cook Carrots

  • once the carrots are cooked, add sugar
  • move the cooked carrots in the half of the pan, and in the other half’s half, that the quarter of the pan, add sugar. This is one of the way to measure sugar content to give medium level of sweetness to our gajar halwa
  • the sugar melts making a sugar syrup,
  • cook these carrots again for 2-3 mins in the sugar syrup
  • Step 3: Add milk powder

  • Once you get the consistency of the gajar halwa as you want, turn off the gas
  • add milk powder and mix it well so that no lumps of milk powder remain in the carrots
  • add the dry fruits which you like and mix again
  • finally add some ground cardamom / elaichi powder on top to give a rich fragrance to our gajar halwa
  • Extra Tips

    Server in a plate or a bowl, and add some more dry fruits on top to decorate.

    Commonly aksed Questions

    What is the best way of enjoying gajar ka halwa?

    you can enjoy the carrot halwa a bit warm or cold. It’s a personal choice. I like this dessert either way. I also enjoy having this carrot halwa a bit warm and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, the light warmth of the halwa combined with the ice cream makes a wonderful combination.

    How long can you store the carrot halwa?

    If you refrigerate the halwa, it should stay good enough for at least 3-4 days. However since it has milk the longer you keep it, the halwa will start getting bad. If you feel that the halva becomes sticky, it already has gone bad and should not be consumed. You can also try freezing the halwa if you want to store it for 1-2 months. However, you should properly thaw and heat it before consuming it again. However, I have never tried to store it for so long myself and I won't recommend you do it.

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